Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and… Biofuels?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex—Prince Harry and Meghan Markle—have made some headlines this week… albeit some they probably don’t prefer. Why? The royal couple took four private flights in 11 days while campaigning against climate change, and some have been critical of that. This write-up, however, is not critical of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I don’t expect the British royal family to fly commercial airlines for obvious reasons and

New Coalition to Raise Awareness of Antimicrobial Resistance Threat, Call for Urgent Solutions

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), leading scientists, public policy experts, and industry leaders today announced the launch of “Working to Fight AMR,” a coalition working to raise public awareness of the growing threat posed by antimicrobial resistance and advocate for policies that accelerate the creation of new medicines. Each year, it is estimated antimicrobial resistance (AMR) claims nearly 25,000 lives nationwide and nearly 700,000 across the globe, according to the

Some GMO Basics

Discussions about genetically modified organisms (or GMOs) are all over the mainstream media and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Lots of people have strong opinions about them. Some support the technology, while others adamantly oppose them. But how much do people know about them?  Yes, certainly we have been modifying our food for thousands of years, and many of the crops we eat today, through various breeding methods, look much

Bananas Are on the Brink of Extinction. Gene Editing Can Reverse That.

Since the 1950s the Cavendish variety has held a monopoly on the banana market. But its dominance is not the result of taste or preference. Rather, grocery stores are stocked with the Cavendish variety because they are disease resistant. Specifically, they are resistant to Fusarium, a strain of fungus that wiped out the Cavendish’s popular predecessor in the mid-century, the Gros Michel. As Matt Reynolds writes in a piece for

Openings for Research Associate - Delhi- J. Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Job Description: Purpose of Position: The purpose of the position is to assist the HOD in the planning, organizing and conducting of Research Analysis and to ensure timely completion of allotted assignment and projects. Job Responsibilities: Planning, organizing and conducting Research Analysis and trouble shooting in the assigned projects/processes. Documentation of observations, analysis of experiments, and interpretation of results. In continuation to same, preparation of summary and further planning and

Gene Editing Can Help Agriculture Be Climate-Friendly… Here’s How

The United Nations continues to raise the alarm on climate change. This week, the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change released their latest report, this time focusing on agriculture’s impact on the environment and the need to make the most use out of our current farmlands to prevent further damage. Today, around 75 percent of the earth’s usable land is dedicated to feeding the world’s population. And as the population

Courses Option To Choose After Bsc Biotechnology

Congratulations Guys!!! some of you might be graduating this year or some of you will graduate next year. You must be happy because soon you will become graduate, but at the same time you might be thinking about “What Next ?” I know, you have done a lot of hard work to reach this stage, because learning all subjects whether it is microbiology, biochemistry or molecular biology is not a joke.

New method developed to test cancer drugs

By Sunderarajan Padmanabhan New Delhi, July 31: Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras have found a way to develop non-animal models to test new cancer drugs. Human body contains different types of cells. Among them are stem cells that help in regenerating and repairing various organs and tissues. This characteristics of stem cells and the discovery of the origin of leukemia have led scientist to hypothesize that cancer may also be

IITB Monash Research Academy PhD Admission December 2019 Intake

IITB Monash Research Academy PhD Program The IITB-Monash Research Academy is inviting applications for its prestigious PhD program for the upcoming December 2019 Intake. Students accepted in the IITB-Monash Ph.D. joint program will be based at the Research Academy co-located at IIT Bombay in Mumbai, India. Duration of Ph.D.: 3.5 years of full-time research (or part-time equivalent) to finish the Ph.D. program. Students will spend at least 3 months but