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Guardian of the cell

Credit: Wen Zhou, Harvard Medical School The human body is built for survival. Each one of its cells is closely guarded by a set of immune proteins armed with nearly foolproof radars that detect foreign or damaged DNA. One of the cells' most critical sentinels is a "first responder" protein known as cGAS, which senses […]

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How Plant Biotechnology Can Give Us Better Food and Medicines

From super crops to better medicines, biotechnology from plants could make a big difference in our lives. Here’s how. What have plants ever done for us? Well, a colossal amount of things. Throughout human history, they have fed us, made medicinal compounds, given us clothes, produced oxygen and much more. However, what if there were […]

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OU biologist developing network of researchers and data from intermittent rivers

Credit: University of Oklahoma A University of Oklahoma professor, Daniel Allen, is developing an intermittent river research coordination network of ecologists and hydrologists to better understand the half of the Earth's rivers that dry or stop flowing each year. Allen and other participants will compile existing ecological and hydrological data from across the nation for […]

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Mapping species range shifts under recent climatic changes

Credit: Hokkaido University The inclusion of taxon-specific sensitivity to a shifting climate helps us understand species distributional responses to changes in climate. Marine species in the eastern Bering Sea are not shifting their distribution ranges fast enough to keep track of current changes in climate, according to a study led by researchers at Hokkaido University. […]

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